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Introduction to Travelling Australian with a Caravan

Australia is among the most magnificent countries that you can explore as a tourist. The country is filled with natural wonders, magnificent beaches, and unique wildlife that you will love. There are varieties of activities to try out in the country and a great way to experience this country is by cruising at your own pace towing a caravan. Traveling with a caravan is a great activity to try out if you want to get an insight into what nomad lifestyle is all about. Some of the things to know if you want to explore Australia with a Caravan are listed below.

Things to Know Before you Embark on this Adventure

The first thing that you will need for a safe and successful adventure is to have a comfortable, reliable, caravan trailer, and well-serviced tow vehicle. You are going to find varieties of set-up options for your road trip in Australia and all you will need to do is to find the right combination that suits your style. You should also take your time to research so that you can consider your budget, lifestyle, and travel plans before you pack up your home.

Towing and Regulations

Traveling around Australia in a caravan is not something to be taken lightly as there are strict rules that you will need to follow to make sure that you travel safely. There are regulations on the weight that your caravan can be and the type of vehicle you use to tow it. You will also need to be well educated on the skill that is needed for towing something as heavy as a caravan and also the safety factors that you will need to consider. Before you start your adventure, you can take a caravan towing course and ensure you do not overload your caravan.

Traveling around

The route that you can take for this adventure usually depends on the season that you are planning to travel, the duration of your trip, and where you will leave from. The northern part of Australia has a tropical climate and it is usually hot and humid during the summer with a wet season while it is quite warm and dry in the winter. The southern parts are cooler and they feature mild summers while it sometimes features a rainy winter.

Emergency Survival tip

If you are going on this adventure with family or your younger ones, it is best to invest in some safety equipment. You can invest in satellite phone so that you can make emergency calls from anywhere in the country or travel with an emergency tracking device known as EPIRB or PLB. You can also install a UHF radio to your vehicle if you are traveling around the country, you will also need a spare jerry can to secure extra fuel, you should also install an offline GPS navigation system. You can also carry along with two First Aid Kits to use in case of emergency.

Make use of Solar Power

One of the things that play a crucial part in the way that full-time nomads live and work on the road is Solar Power. Solar power will be converted from sunlight into electricity and it is widely known as an easy and cost-effective alternative power source for years now. Most of the modern caravans are equipped with a solar power set-up installed which can be used to run simple 12v items like the caravan lights without having to look for a power source to hook into. You can then invest in some more solar panels or a solar blanket and an inverter so that you can easily generate more power for things like charging your laptop, camera batteries, and other camping gadgets that you will have to use.

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